Friday, August 17, 2007

Videoblogs? Not Anymore - Thanks, iMovie '08

So I was all set to start a new Inconvenient Truth series of video podcasts. Been telling everyone I know how awesome it would be. Imagine my surprise when I go to edit the first episode in the new iMovie and I am presented with what appears to be Windows Movie Maker's pretty but dumb third cousin.

Although I sit on the board at Apple, they don't often listen to me about anything (see: lack of solar-powered iPhone). If they had showed iMovie '08 to me prior to its release I would have had some friends from the DEA raid Infinite Loop looking for psychotropic drugs. Multiple clicks in areas that used to require a single click? Dialog boxes? I can't import my '06 projects? WTF? Did we hire J. Allard as a "coolness" consultant or something? How is this an Apple product?

Oh well, at least my stock will go up. You guys would have like the podcast though. Now you'll never be able to experience its greatness. You wouldn't have believed the surprise guest I had who said they would only "come out" as a greenie if they could do it on my show. Such is the iLife I suppose.

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