Thursday, January 10, 2008

To the AMPTP

Being a fan of new media (current_, ever heard of it?), I'd like to thank the AMPTP for their astonishing lack of foresight. Because of their greed and ignorance, they have hastened the demise of broadcast television. Next Tuesday, my good friend SPJ will place yet another nail in the coffin. Don't believe me? Fine, be that way. It's not as if you guys have consistently demonstrated a complete inability to make a sound decision.

You AMPTP guys better wake up while you still have writers striking for the right to be screwed just a little bit less than you'd like. Or don't, it's your call geniuses. I'm sure local news and sports are enough to fill 18 hours a day of programming.

Since you've got time to fill next fall, why not have a reality show about the struggle to fill your schedules with so many dancing "stars", egomanical jackasses in bad wigs (you know damn well who I'm talking about), or "Survivor: Burbank".

In short, you guys suck. Since I'm apparently not running this go round, I may take a break from dealing with this climate crisis to pummel you idiots into the ground. Your move.

(Note to self: I need an editor.)

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