Monday, July 9, 2007

I Am The Great and Powerful Gore

At least that's what the whiners would have you believe. Apparently the only time rock stars perform concerts is when I order them to do so. When not performing at Live Earth they sit at home patiently waiting for the GorePhone to ring alerting them when and where they are allowed to play.

It's ridiculous that whiners like this guy are claiming that all of these rock stars would have been twiddling their thumbs at home had it not been for Live Earth. Yes, because everyone knows that summer is not the time for concerts and festivals. These idiots would have you believe that the Red Hot Chili Peppers would just be hanging around in a candle-lit room hoping I'll give them something to do rather than playing a non-green festival somewhere else.

I am the Great and Powerful Gore according to my critics. I appreciate the heads up. Apparently I slept through the part where Morgan Freeman endowed me with all of God's power, thus enabling me to exert mind control over the masses who sit and wait for my call. Thanks to them I know that I control all of the Earth's energy consumption as apparently people only perform or attend concerts when I sponsor them.

Greenest. Festival. Ever. Deal with it. You know damn well as soon as you naysayers figure out a way to profit from green initiatives you'll all jump on the bandwagon. See you then. The more the merrier, just don't expect me to forget that you are pointing and laughing now.

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