Monday, July 16, 2007

Stupidity Round-Up

Geez, I take a day off and all hell breaks loose. Here are a couple of links to some simple-minded citizens who are apparently trying to make the case against free speech.

These guys are doing their feeble minded best to GoogleBomb the Draft Gore kids with a bunch of nonsense. Feel free to stop by and pay your respects. Be sure to use small words so as not to befuddle them.

Not to be outdone, these geniuses are turning racism into profits all the while pretending to be concerned citizens. Safe money says they have probably already spent their anticipated domain squatting proceeds on pork rinds and RC Cola. If you contact them please send all communications in Spanish. That is certain to cause their heads to explode and ruin the inside of their Klan hoods.

That seals it. GoreBama '08 it is.

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