Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pat Sajak Hates Me? Who knew?

Well maybe I misjudged my chances at returning to glory in 2008. After all, when a man who spins a wheel for a living feels comfortable knocking me in public... Oh who am I kidding? Does anybody listen to Sajak?

Check out this quote about me from 'ol smiley himself:

"They did a detailed breakdown of his big electric bill and it turned out that over 60% was directly attributable to the little light in his refrigerator... I saw Al standing on the corner; a cop came up to him and asked him to break it up... When he gets his shoes shined, he has to take the guy's word for it.... It's out of control!'

Hey oh! Recycled zinger brought to you by the world's most famous carny. Not just anybody can, you know, spin a giant wheel after all. Some folks spin policy and make a difference, others just spin wheels. Your move, carny.

Credit to this guy for the quote. More tirades from the head wheel watcher here.

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