Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Talking Points - O Liberal Media, Where Art Thou?

So the L.A. Times apparently received the same talking points communiqué the infotainment bores were blathering on about on Rupert's air earlier this week.

I already pointed out the ridiculous nature of this report here, but it's worth noting as this showed up in an L.A. paper. You know, the paper from the land of the people who are all supposedly worshiping before the great and powerful Gore.

Even a hack like Gary McChuckles might bristle at a cheap line like this one:

"Perhaps what we really need next is a live global concert to raise awareness about the omnipresence of live global concerts trying to raise awarenesses."

How about this? Perhaps we need reporters who get busy uncovering real stories instead of trying to out yuk each other. Leave that to the bloggers.

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