Thursday, July 19, 2007

Your Internet Forecast - Trolls Likely

Seems the combination of the iPhone release and the release of the final Harry Potter book has caused a web troll outbreak not yet observed by the likes of man.

Much like the warming of the ocean is creating super hurricanes, this one-two punch of geek news is causing blog comments, message boards, and social networks to be clogged by trolls and those who choose to feed them the precious attention they so desperately crave.

The apex of this troll outbreak is expected to occur in the early hours of Saturday, 7/21 followed by a slow weakening as the trolls succumb to sleep after basking in the glow of collecting the souls of the children whose spirits they have broken. That and the sugar crash from drinking their 4th 64oz big gulp of the day simply because it says "Squishee" on it.

That's what's happening in your neck of the web. We now return to our regular programming.

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