Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Knock Knock - "It's Me, Clime-y!"

So I sent my buddy Climate Change up to the White House to see if I could make any headway with the Man on the Hill.

Here's how it went:

Climate Change: "Sir, do you have a second?"
Man On Hill: "Lord? Is that you?"
Climate Change: "For the last time, it's me, climate change."
Man On Hill: "Oh, you again. Look, I'm real busy and I've been warned about talking to you Clime-y."
Climate Change: "I know, I know. Have you seen what's going on in Texas? People are starting to build Arks it's so wet down there. I've sent them like 30 days straight of rain. It's like 85 degrees and rainy. In Texas. In JULY. How you like me know?"
Man On Hill: "Well, that's real nice, huh? Good weather for clearing brush, I'll tell you what."
Climate Change: "Erm, no? Not that people are unhappy or anything. I mean, who really likes 110 degree heat except the electric company? Am I right? Am I right?"
Man On Hill: "Heh heh, utilities. But that's cooler than normal? So we're all done here right? I did it. I fixed the enviro-ment!"
Climate Change: "Nevermind. See you next time."
Man On Hill: "Heh. Heh. There won't be a next time Clime-y, but I'll always remember pretending you don't exist during our time together. No hard feelings, ok?"
Climate Change: "Whatever."

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