Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Well That's Just Tacky

In their neverending quest to bust my chops over everything I do the fine kids over at Rupert's place put out another little blurb about the coverage of Live Earth.

From their "report":

"In Britain, the primetime audience peaked at 4.5 million — only one-third the audience of the Princess Diana tribute concert six days earlier."

Wow. Amazing. The tribute of a beloved icon was more popular in her homeland than a concert festival intended to spur people into making an effort to help the environment? That's ace reporting, just like in the old days.

With skills like that I wouldn't be surprised if they were finally able to prove that more people watched the finale of MASH than AfterMASH. It's always impressive to follow the work of those who excel in their field. Bravo Britster! Masterful work really.

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